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VISCOTAQ®: The ultimate corrosion resistant pipeline coating


viscowrap applicationviscowrap applicationviscowrap applicationviscowrap application

VISCOTAQ® has been developed in cooperation with leading companies in the oil and gas industry and polymer engineering companies to meet the demand for new viscous elastic coating technology with unique and better properties for corrosion control. The result is a product line that offers the pipeline industry unrivaled technology when it comes to corrosion prevention.

VISCOTAQ® products are used for corrosion prevention at pipelines, storage tanks, soil to air transitions, above ground flanges, pipe crossings, and in the ditch applications. Furthermore VISCOTAQ® offers a unique waterproofing line to stop water infiltration at pipe casings, buildings, vaults, storm drains, sewer lines and more. VISCOTAQ® products are manufactured in the USA under ISO 9001 and are filed for patents.

VISCOTAQ'S® molecular chemistry is unique and designed in such a way that the viscosity gives it permanent wetting characteristics; forcing the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of the substrate. The elasticity of the product gives it the strength and feel of a solid. VISCOTAQ® always remains in a semi solid state that provides high impact strength and allows for a high resistance against sheering. Ease of application and outstanding performance is what makes VISCOTAQ® an excellent technology for corrosion prevention. VISCOTAQ® excels in offering corrosion protection on areas such as soil to air transitions, flanges, casing, girth welds,tank chimes and numerous other applications.


Benefits & Features of VISCOTAQ® Products

Viscous-elastic amorphous a-polar polyolefin Immediate adhesion to substrate
Impermeable to moisture and gases Flexible and Pliable
Permanent wetting characteristics Cold-flow
70 mil thickness on all Viscotaq wrap style products Self healing
NO primer needed Long term protection
SP2 surface preparation (wire brush) Molds & forms easily
100% impermeable to water and oxygen A-polar and rejects water
Extremely low cathodic disbondment No cure time
Self-healing characteristics Never cracks or becomes brittle
Cohesive fracture Cold applied
Inert material, no deterioration over time ViscoWrap   -43°F TO 158°F (HT -48°F to +212°F)
Ability to fill voids and anomalies of substrate 10% overlap or 1/2 inch
Failure free application Made in the USA
Non-toxic Freeze thaw resistant
Manufactured under IS09001 UV  resistant
Adheres to concrete, steel, PVC, metal, wood, other coatings, Vinyl, etc.

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