Viscotaq® Outer Wrap PE

VISCOTAQ® OUTERWRAP PE (2” or 4” x 100’, 15 mil PE)

viscotaq-outerwrap dist by indumar

VISCOTAQ® OUTERWRAP PE is a heavy duty protective outerwrap with excellent mechanical strength. The outerwrap is UV and weather resistant and can be applied within a temperature range of -30 degrees F to 160 degrees F. Once applied the operating temperature is -49 degrees F to 185 degrees F.

Outerwrap provides mechanical protection to Viscowrap thus helping to avoid the damaging effects of backfilling or other stress from the soil.

Available in different thicknesses.

Appplications – Used as a protective cover for ViscoWrap and ViscoWrap HT


Technical Data

Property Value
Color: Black
Adhesion to backing: 0.56 kg/cm, 3.125 lbs per inch
Tensile strength: 8.93 kg/cm, 50 lbs/inch
Temperature range: Application: -34 to 71 °C, -30 to 160 °F
In Service: -45 to 85 °C, -49 to 185 °F
Elongation: 400%
UV resistance: Excellent
Thickness Recommendation: < 16 inch pipe diameter: 15 mils
> 16 inch pipe diameter: 20 mils


Directions for Use

Start wrapping under sufficient tension

Apply with 50% overlap

Apply within application temperature

Can be applied by machine as well