StopIt HP™ Technical Info

By InduMar Systems, LP

High Pressure Leak Sealant Technology

ABS Design Assessed

Compliant with 49 CFR parts 192 and 195.  Testing was performed under the ASME PCC-2 Article for ASME B31.1, B31.4 and B31.8

msds_icon_50x47 Materials Health, Safety And Environmental Sheet (pdf)

Physical Properties

Shelf Life: 6 months from date of purchase when stored at 40° to 83°F (5° to 28°C)


Component 1 - clear
Component 2 - straw
Fiber - yellow (other options available)

Mixing Ratio:

As supplied, dual cartridge dispenser

Pot Life:

8-10 minutes at 72°F (22°C), after mixing for films less than ½” thick

Sealant Viscosity:

Gel-like before cure

StopIt HP™ Composite Application

Recommended for pressures up to 2,000 psi (140 kg/cm2)

Maximum Operating temperature 135°F/51°C; 175°/80°C when annealed: ~4 hour at 72°F (22°C) at 1/8” thickness


About InduMar

InduMar Products, Inc. has been providing leak repair solutions for 25 years. We operate in all markets where pipe leaks are a problem. In particular our areas of expertise lie in:

  • Refinery/Petrochemical
  • Offshore oil and gas production
  • Commercial Marine
  • Mining
  • Power

"Very good stuff! Used 100 [kits] in 1995 and I am very satisfied with this product. Can be a life saver in emergency situations."

A Texas Utility