Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp Technical Information

Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp Technical Information

Physical Properties

Adjustment Range: 6" (15.2 cm) down to 1/2" (1.2 cm)
Materials: Band and housing made of corrosion resistant 301 CRES. Heat-treated alloy screw and nut are cadmium plated.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Sealant Material:

Temperature range: -450°F to 600°F (-268°C to 316°C)
Octagon Size: 1" (2.54 cm)
PTFE Thickness: 1/8" (0.31750 cm)
Pressure Retention: Approximately 300 PSI when tightened with a hand tool. (Note: Make sure that pipe is in proper condition before applying any type of clamp.)
Inert to all Chemicals: Only molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine will affect this material. Non-aging. Will not contaminate flow materials.

About InduMar

InduMar Products, Inc. has been providing leak repair solutions for 25 years. We operate in all markets where pipe leaks are a problem. In particular our areas of expertise lie in:

  • Refinery/Petrochemical
  • Offshore oil and gas production
  • Commercial Marine
  • Mining
  • Power

"I've never had much faith in 'patch it' type repairs, but to avoid long downtimes at our dorms we tried your product with success. We have used this product five or six times and saved hours in downtimes. Thanks."

A major university in Maryland