By InduMar Systems, LP. On-site Riser Corrosion Protection

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InduMar's RiserRescue™ represents the latest technology for the insitu remediation of production riser coatings in the splash zone. Highly adherent, thick polymeric coatings are field installed in regions spanning the splash and light zones near the water surface. These anti-corrosion coatings effectively seal the pipe surface from the marine environment, eliminating corrosion and substantially increasing the lifetime of the riser.

RiserRescue™ technology benefits:
1. Refurbishment of existing risers in-situ, avoiding costly replacement
2. Inhibits corrosion and marine invasion on the coated riser
3. Eliminates need to shut-in production
4. Avoids hot work
5. Will not support combustion
6. Highly cost effective protection