RiserRescue™ Technical Info

By InduMar Systems, LP. On-site Corrosion Protection

  • RiserRescue™ technology involves the in-situ application of a proprietary, thick, contiguous polymeric coating encasing the riser, extending above and below the water surface.riserrescue_pic2
  • RiserRescue™ employs a rapid-setting proprietary polymer formulation that converts to a solid form within minutes and is fully cured within hours, allowing the product to be applied in a single platform visit.
  • RiserRescue™ coatings are impervious to the penetration of water, thus sealing the riser from the marine environment and inhibiting corrosion of the pipe surface.
  • RiserRescue™ proprietary coatings provide a protective barrier in the marine environment, inhibits biological invasion of the riser and significantly eases cleaning.
  • RiserRescue™ thick, durable proprietary coatings seal the riser from marine invasion, thereby providing physical and corrosion protection.
  • RiserRescue™ proprietary coatings exhibit favorable elastomeric properties, yielding thermal stability of the steel-coating interface over a wide range of application temperatures.
  • RiserRescue™ applications are handled by licensed installers possessing all the necessary equipment and training needed to provide efficient and safe product applications.

Physical properties: Solid, contiguous coating, closed cell & non-swelling, near neutral bouyancy
Thickness: Approximately 1 inch 
Length: Typically 6 ft. above and below the water line, increasing as required by the clarity of water
Riser diameter: 4-12 inches (Other sizes available upon request)
Color: Safety orange (Other colors available upon request)
Hardness: 75 Shore A
Stability: Resistant to UV degradation, will not support combustion
Curing: 10 minute working time, 2 hour set time, full hardness in 24 hours

msds_icon_50x47 Materials Health, Safety And Environmental Sheet Part A (pdf)
msds_icon_50x47 Materials Health, Safety And Environmental Sheet Part B (pdf)

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"I've never had much faith in 'patch it' type repairs, but to avoid long downtimes at our dorms we tried your product with success. We have used this product five or six times and saved hours in downtimes. Thanks."

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